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Looking for a Magical Family Friendly Activity in January?

  If so, then look no further than the next event in the Roswell Family Series - Mario the Maker Magician on Sunday, January 30!  See New York-based, children’s performer Mario "the Maker Magician" Marchese in an upbeat, fun, and interactive experience. Enjoy this magical family-friendly activity! is a local city guide for City

Looking for a Magical Family Friendly Activity in January?2022-10-05T22:16:01+00:00

Ethernet Cable Options

  You may not have thought twice about the cable that connects your devices to the web. Maybe you’ve taken them for granted! There are many ethernet cable options. Within the humble Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet cables lay some significant differences worth exploring before you make a purchase. “Cat” cables, short for “category”, are used

Ethernet Cable Options2022-10-03T10:17:07+00:00

Four Major Milestones to Get a Home Loan

  There's a lot to do when you get a mortgage loan. You wouldn't be looking up loan information if you could get a loan in one day by filling out a simple application. We do most of the heavy lifting for you, so you can concentrate on what's important — preparing to move into

Four Major Milestones to Get a Home Loan2022-09-30T12:19:31+00:00

How Are Assets Divided During a Divorce?

  Because Georgia follows the equitable distribution or division principle when dividing assets in a divorce, a divorcing couple must divide their marital property in an equitable and fair way, regardless of which spouse owned or bought the property. Unlike states that follow the community property principle when dividing property between divorcing couples, using the equitable

How Are Assets Divided During a Divorce?2022-09-28T10:16:41+00:00

Private Health Plans May Provide a Lower-Cost Alternative to ACA Plans

  Private health insurance plans are available to individuals and families who want a more basic but less expensive plan than those through the Marketplace. In some cases, the premiums are 25-60% less than personal ACA or Employer Group health plans. These plans also provide larger Nationwide PPO and POS health care provider networks. Some

Private Health Plans May Provide a Lower-Cost Alternative to ACA Plans2022-09-26T18:16:11+00:00

Best Times to Buy or Sell A Home

What the general public doesn’t know about real estate is that the media can present a skewed view of what is actually happening in the local market. I utilize hyper-local information to help guide people about the best times to buy or sell a home. I currently have a couple who aren’t sure if now

Best Times to Buy or Sell A Home2022-09-22T14:18:38+00:00

The Importance of Medicare Supplement Insurance

  As we grow older, our lives become filled with exciting possibilities, many changes, and the need for decisions about important issues, such as health insurance. Most people know that at age 65, you are eligible for Medicare health benefits. But what about the importance of Medicare Supplement Insurance? Many do not know that Medicare

The Importance of Medicare Supplement Insurance2022-09-22T04:17:45+00:00

How Should You Choose an Injury Lawyer?

  If you experience an injury due to someone else's negligence, you will face many important decisions in the days, weeks, and months following the injury. Choosing an injury lawyer to represent you is often the most critical element in a successful recovery. But how should you choose an injury lawyer? Here are five factors

How Should You Choose an Injury Lawyer?2022-09-18T00:16:16+00:00

Online Business is BOOming!

    Online shopping statistics expect worldwide eCommerce sales to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars by 2021, so online business is booming! As more consumers prefer purchasing goods online, launching an eCommerce website can help you take your business to the next level. Building an effective e-commerce website takes a unique set of technical,

Online Business is BOOming!2022-09-16T18:16:50+00:00

Your Business Needs Video

Your business needs video, and Gaslight Picturehouse has numerous video solutions to help you with your digital presence. One of our favorite things to build is content libraries for our clients. When we shoot a Video Business Card (VBC) or a promo video for people, we always keep in mind different ways we can use

Your Business Needs Video2022-09-16T18:16:23+00:00


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