Atlanta artist, cookbook author Matthew Terrell launches cooking show ‘Living the Dream’

Atlanta-based artist Matthew Terrell has launched his latest project, “Living the Dream,” a new cooking and lifestyle show sponsored by a grant from Fulton County Arts & Culture.

Episodes of the show, which Terrell describes as “Martha Stewart meets Peewee’s Playhouse,” will be streaming at

Terrell previously published “The Magnolia Bayou Cookbook,” a fictional Southern cookbook, with each copy containing handmade elements such as recipe cards stuffed into the pages.

Terrell describes the cooking style for the show as “minimum effort with maximum pleasure.” Rather than toiling over a hot stove, Terrell shows viewers how to break recipes down into components that can be prepared days or weeks ahead, so that when it comes time to make a big dinner, all you have to do is throw a few things together and heat it up.

While not veering too much into the semi-homemade world, Terrell shares ingredient shortcuts (like buying pre-rolled fresh pizza dough, or strategic use of upscale seasoning blends) that make cooking both easier and more delicious. Every episode features a drink, including original cocktails, homemade liqueur, and sun tea.

“Living the Dream” features neighbors and friends of Terrell, including appearances by local entertainers including Amber Nash and Lucky Yates.

The lifestyle portions of the show will feature Terrell expounding on small-but-meaningful life improvements, like acquiring high-end kitchenware for cheap, finding the right pillows to stay comfortable in bed and how to best hang a hammock.

Terrell, who is communications director at Dad’s Garage Theatre, has written for VICE, Slate, Huffington Post, and, where he covers subjects such as queer art in the South, media culture, and gay mens’ health issues. He has been an artist in residence at Djerassi, Atlantic Center for the Arts, Serenbe, The Bascom, and The Studios of Key West.

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