Having a Car in Atlanta Just Got Easier

A car is necessity when you’re living in Atlanta. Whether you’re navigating inside or outside of the perimeter, transportation is an essential part of daily life. Unfortunately, owning a car has become more expensive. The car buying process has never been more difficult with rising prices and limited availability. Increased insurance rates combined with costly and time-consuming maintenance make car ownership less and less appealing. So, how can you have the freedom of your own car without the burden that goes along with it? A company called Flexcar has figured it out and wants to change the way you view owning a car.

The creators of Flexcar believed that there had to be a more cost effective and hassle-free way to solve the dilemma of traditional car ownership. Flexcar COO, Ryan Quinlan explains, “What sparked the creation of the company was really the constant horror stories we heard of people going through the buying or leasing process. Friends, family, and colleagues would tell us about how they felt “trapped” with their car and wanted an easier way to access a car without having to own it.”

Flexcar members agree. Elizabeth, Atlanta resident and member, tells Atlanta magazine that her membership has given her more freedom, “I think the one of the greatest benefits is not being tied down. I love our Pacifica (her name is Sparkles) but when I get tired of her, I won’t have to do anything but go swap for something else. I also love that I was able to try out a few vehicles before I realized that I have high standards. I need ventilated seats and a panoramic roof. Once I swapped into Sparkles I knew it was meant to be! Flexcar gives me the ability to drive a minivan without having to swallow my pride and buy a minivan!”

How Does Flexcar Work? 

We’ve all become accustomed to subscription services, so why not have the same ability when it comes to a car? Flexcar offers a monthly membership model that gives members full access to a car of their choice. Members drive with insurance, maintenance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and the mileage package of their choosing. “One of the biggest things I tell people is how nice it is not maintaining another vehicle. I feel like this is staying true to my commitment of a zero-maintenance lifestyle,” Elizabeth says. Keep your car for as long as you like, swap it when you feel like driving something different, or return it when your needs change.

Change Your Mind? Change Your Membership 

Everything about a Flexcar membership is flexible. You decide what kind of car you’d like. Choose from an SUV, an eco-conscious car, sedan, or a luxury car. Pick your vehicle up or have it delivered—it couldn’t be easier to have access to a car without any of the hassle. Whether you work from home and only use a car on the weekends, or you’re commuting and need something reliable, there’s a Flexcar membership that makes sense for you. And, unlike traditional car ownership, you’re not tied to your decision for years—change your mind, your car, or your mileage at any time.

Quite Simply, You Save  

While the flexibility and ease of Flexcar are great benefits, Quinlan says the most powerful aspect of membership is simple—savings, “When you buy a car, you encounter sky high costs at every turn. The dealer is incentivized to get the highest possible price for the vehicle, the financing company only offers high interest rates, and insurance companies’ premiums are only going up. Put this all together, and you have a situation where buying a car is an extraordinary financial burden.” Flexcar gives you control of your vehicle costs and situation—so you no longer have to worry about figuring out how to buy, sell or trade your current vehicle in when life changes happen. The idea is that a car subscription would be cheaper for most people than ownership. And data shows members can save upwards of $5,000 during their first year compared to traditional ownership or leasing.

Navigating Atlanta can be difficult but finding a car doesn’t have to be. An option like Flexcar, saves busy Atlantans time and money while alleviating the worry of long-term car ownership. Quinlan makes it clear, “Our company lets people enjoy all the benefits of having a car, without needing to sign long-term contracts, spend time and money on maintenance, and figure out what to do with your car if you’re traveling or simply don’t need a car for a few months of the year.” And it’s working, members have driven over 100 million miles in Flexcars since the company launched in 2021. Elizabeth is happy to be one of those members and encourages others, “I recommend Flexcar all the time! I think it is perfect for people who are city drivers, people who can’t commit to a vehicle and one car households!”

Flexcar is offering 100 free miles for new members. Use code ATLMAG at checkout today — this offer expires April 2024!

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We have all become accustomed to subscription services for products we used to buy, so why not have the same ability when it comes to a car? Flexcar offers a monthly membership model that gives members full access to a car of their choice.
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