Neighborhood work club Switchyards reopens May 3 with new Cabbagetown location

Switchyard’s new Cabbagetwown work club. (Photos by Caleb Jones)

Switchyards, the members only work club, plans to reopen its doors May 3 after a 14 month shutdown due to the pandemic.

While the original Downtown location won’t reopen just yet, Westside and the new Cabbagetown location will open to current members and begin adding new members from a sizable waitlist. The cost: $50 per month.

According to Switchyards creative director Brandon Hinman, the new 6,000 square foot Cabbagetown location at 670 Memorial Drive was set to open before COVID-19 arrived and has been waiting for members ever since.

Hinman said the former Brother Moto motorcycle shop has been totally transformed into an “awesome workspace” including a library room in the former garage. There’s also plenty of outside space to work for those who aren’t comfortable working indoors just yet.

While the physical buildings were closed, Switchyards kept members engaged by offering outdoor work space and coffee at a weekly event called Curb Cup in partnership with Ladybird restaurant on the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail.

Curb Cup recently resumed every Friday at the Switchyards sites with coffee, lattes, and doughnuts selected by Chef Kevin Gillespie from the city’s favorite shops.

Switchyards Westside at 400 Trabert Avenue.

Hinman said members are eager to return Switchyards and the waitlist is expected to grow as more people get vaccinated and are ready to work and meet in a social setting.

“We were already seeing a rise in remote working and working from home before the pandemic,” Hinman said. “COVID-19 just poured gasoline on it. We knew once we got to the other side of all this, Switchyards would be well positioned to thrive and grow.”

Switchyards, co-founded by Mike Tavani and David Payne in 2016 as an incubator for startups, had already announced plans to open work clubs in other neighborhoods around the city before COVID, and Hinman said that’s on the front burner once again.

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