Saw Design Studio: Make a Memorable First Impression With Your Business

Make a Memorable First Impression



In my first meeting with Jack, he realized his new company needed to make an investment in his new business to make a memorable first impression; my identity bundle is a perfect fit. That same week, Sam, a 10-year business owner, launched my identity bundle because a logo refresh would heighten brand awareness and trigger sales. A logo is just the tip of the iceberg, an essential step in branding. A tagline can reinforce your image.


  1. Design a logo that reflects the owners and business 
  2. Design an impactful business card that is the first impression and gate opener for doing business 
  3. Design an infographic or brochure pictorially telling your message and outlining your services 
  4. Create a letterhead or invoice to continue the conversation.  

There is only one chance to make that first impression. When you see a logo that is out of date or screams “clip art,” a 3-way email introduction with me is a great kick-off. When John says his teen cousin is designing his logo, ask him if he believes in smart investments.

Saw Design Studio can release the pressure and put your mind at ease if you are launching a business. Give us a call at 401-263-2503 to get started today.  Saw Design Studio is the exclusive provider in Atlanta for Graphic Design on

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