When Should I Shop My Insurance?

When Should I Shop My Insurance

When Should I Shop My Insurance?

This is a great question, and we hear it a LOT! It’s a common misconception that the longer you stay with your insurance carrier, the better the rates will be. In all honesty, someone that is with a carrier for 20+ years will likely be paying more than someone that just switched to the same carrier. This is because most carriers’ frontload discounts and these discounts gradually fade away as the policy gets older. We have found that the “sweet spot” for getting the best rates is to shop roughly every 3 years.

Team TraBert has access to multiple A+ rated carriers, so we are always checking at each renewal to see if there is a better option for you. This is a benefit to our customers because we can seamlessly transfer your business from one carrier to another without sacrificing any coverage and simultaneously save some serious money. At the end of the day, when you’re insured with Team TraBert, we are your “go-to” agents, and we are always proactive in ensuring you are in the best possible place each and every year. Our ultimate goal is to be your “forever agent.”

Contributing authors: Tracy Stowel and Robert Barbine of Team TraBert – the exclusive Home & Auto Insurance provider in Cumming and Alpharetta on NewtoAtlanta.com. Team TraBert is a team of licensed insurance agents working for The Rhoads Group located in Cumming Georgia.