How Best To Set Up Your Desk For Success

How Best To Set Up Your Desk


Whether you recently switched to working from home or are looking to set up a new desk at the office, productivity is a crucial part of getting the most out of your workspace. Small changes can make large differences to the daily use of a desk, and many of these adjustments and additions can be applied to remote or in-person work. While adding equipment is one way to increase productivity, many improvements can be made for free that elevate your workspace. If you’re wondering how best to set up your desk read below for some tips you can implement to get the best office desk setup for productivity.

What Makes a Productive Desk Setup?

There are many different pieces to a desk setup. How and where you use these pieces is key to making the most of your workspace. Additional equipment, such as dual monitors or standing desks, can benefit any desk setup. Small changes, such as the orientation of a monitor or supplemental lighting, can make daily use feel more comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you want to start with one small change or completely redo your office, read below to get an idea of how to make your office desk setup more productive.


Adding a new piece of equipment to your desk is a common way to improve your workspace. Whether an ergonomic keyboard or an additional display, new equipment increases productivity. Some new devices and peripherals allow users to discover the most efficient way to complete their daily tasks. Other additions, such as chairs or desks, help make work more comfortable and increase focus. Even secondary tools, such as headphone stands or charging stations, can go a long way in improving the quality of daily home office use.

Home Office Chair

One of the most important aspects of any office setup is the chair. A large majority of your time working at a desk will be sitting in a chair. Having an uncomfortable seat is not only unpleasant but can also adversely affect productivity and health. When you have to adjust and fidget with your office chair continuously, you cannot properly focus on the task at hand. Being comfortable at work allows you to maximize productivity and reduce any health issues related to seating posture or screen time.

Home Office Desk

Like office chairs, the desk is a crucial part of any workplace setup. The size, shape, and height can vary widely depending on its intended use, so remember to carefully consider what you will be using the furniture for before finalizing a purchase. When deciding on a desk for your setup, think about the additional equipment you will wish to use with it, such as dual monitors, notepads, or speakers.

It is always better to sway towards larger desks when in doubt of the size. Having extra space on a desk allows for easy expansion, whereas a cluttered desk requires sacrifice and limits future equipment options. Standing desks are popular adjustable desks that can be used when standing or seated, offering a refreshing change of pace for anyone who spends long hours within the same workspace.

Additional Monitors

With the recent surge in work-from-home solutions, dual monitors have become more popular than ever. The use of an additional display effectively doubles your workspace and allows for easy multitasking and increased productivity. Multiple monitor setups are also excellent for video conferencing and remote meetings because they allow ample space for all parties to be seen.

Secondary monitors can come in all shapes and sizes. Much like any other piece of equipment, finding the best option for you is all about your specific needs. More affordable displays can be used as efficient locations for reference materials, music players, or communication software without breaking the bank. The only drawback to implementing a second display is that you’ll never want to go back to using just one.

Mounts & Stands

One of the more complicated aspects of implementing a second monitor is figuring out where to place it. Depending on screen size, adding a display can quickly reduce desk space. Luckily, monitor stands and other mounts are an excellent way to maximize any space and make using dual monitors or other equipment easy and enjoyable. Monitor stands are also a great way to improve posture and help relieve back and neck pain associated with extended work sessions. Smaller equipment such as charging stands or cable management solutions can help to increase efficiency without drastically increasing costs.

Desk Placement

Even with zero budget available, there are many ways to increase the productivity of your office desk setup. The most significant of which is the physical location of your desk within a room. Small factors, such as available light sources, power plugs, or internet access, can significantly affect daily use and productivity. These changes are quick to implement and can often be easily modified or adjusted, so don’t be afraid to try moving your desk around the next time you’re looking for a change of pace.


Where you put your desk can make a huge difference in your daily activity. Finding the perfect place for your setup will allow you to stay focused and productive even when working from home. Many factors such as lighting and environmental noise can affect desk location, so be sure to think of what your ideal workspace looks like before committing to a change. Don’t forget that beyond aesthetics, functionality plays a large part in desk location, as you will need access to various ports and cables.

Virtual Meetings are now commonplace. Don’t forget to consider what will be the backdrop for your next zoom call.


Depending on when you like to work, natural lighting can be a huge benefit or hindrance to productivity. Too much natural light can raise ambient temperatures and make working uncomfortable. At the same time, not enough light can make reading more difficult and make spaces feel less professional. Finding the perfect lighting solution for your setup is all about personal preference. Consider what conditions are optimal for you to work in so that you can adjust desk location and lighting accordingly. Added equipment, such as lamps or light strips, is an excellent way to supplement lighting and make spaces feel more personalized and well-lit.

Managing Distractions

Distractions are abundant, especially when working from home. A desk in a busy location could lead to a severe reduction in overall productivity. Staying focused is critical to success when working from home, and desk placement can make all the difference in productivity. Some people may enjoy working in shared spaces and find that the presence of others helps them to stay focused. In comparison, others may need seclusion to hold focus and limit distractions. Just like with lighting, managing distractions can be different for everyone. The most important thing is determining which desk placement works for you to increase productivity.

Organization of Desk Space

Once you have all your equipment and the placement of your desk figured out, the final step is to determine how you will best organize your new space. Clean desk design has been proven to increase productivity and focus. By having a clear space for every aspect of your desk setup, you will know where any tool is at a moment’s notice and be able to use your workspace as efficiently as possible. Often, proper desk organization can be accomplished by moving and rearranging equipment and components. However, added accessories such as cable guides or small storage solutions can help to elevate a crowded workspace.

If you use a laptop, consider using a docking station to easily connect to multiple monitors, keyboards, and audio visual peripherals.

Monitor Setup

There are many different ways you can use a computer monitor. For single display users, a monitor stand can help elevate the screen to reduce neck strain and improve viewing quality. When using multiple displays, several additional setup options are available that vary depending on specific needs. Monitor mounts are one of the most efficient ways to use multiple monitors while creating more desk space. They also tend to provide easy height adjustments and flexibility.

Desk Layout

While most desks will share the similarity of having a display, keyboard, and mouse, where you choose to put those components is what makes your desk unique. First, you should ensure that your desk is comfortable to use. Next, think of everything you need to have for functionality and what you can add to that for aesthetics and atmosphere. Little additions such as small plants, pictures, or mementos can take a setup to the next level and make it truly feel personalized. Don’t be afraid to try multiple different layouts and see how they feel. You can always go back to the way your setup was before, and it costs virtually nothing to see what your monitor will look like on the other side of your desk.

Optimizing Your Space

Just because you have the space for more equipment doesn’t mean you need it. Your desk needs to be optimized for your workflow and daily activities. Try to avoid unnecessary clutter or accessories that will cause distractions from work. You should be able to use all necessary equipment for your job comfortably at your desk. If you need a drawing pad for work, ensure that the device has its own dedicated space and can be used without hassle. The most important part of optimizing your workspace is productivity. No one aspect of your setup should interfere with another. Proper optimization and organization will also streamline regular cleaning and the implementation of new equipment.


A productive office desk setup adds numerous benefits to any workspace, whether remote or in-office. Your desk could be quite different from others depending on your profession and specific needs, but that does not mean it will be any less productive.

Try out different configurations and equipment layouts to find what’s best for you. Remember that most changes are not permanent, and variations in the workspace can help make daily activities feel refreshing and increase overall productivity.


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