The Importance of Value-Added Website Content to Increase User Engagement

The Importance of Value-Added Website Content



The 3 C’s of an effective website are Content, Community, and Commerce. What value-added information or service do visitors get from your website? Is it industry-related info, quick tips for using your product or service, or does it offer free how-to videos? No matter what type of value-add content you choose, the key is to make sure that your customers find it valuable. The importance of value-added website content to increase user engagement, leads, and inquiries should not be overlooked.  

Patrick owns an independent insurance agency. To differentiate the agency from its competition, we built a web-based job portal for matching truck drivers looking for jobs and trucking companies looking for truck drivers. The agency provides the service for no fee, and users can register their job experience and available positions on the agency’s website. As a result of this service, the insurance agency has written several Commercial trucking, business, and key man insurance policies. 

As a small business owner, you can distinguish yourself from the competition by improving your value-add marketing content. By over-delivering with valuable content that enhances your customers’ engagement, you position your small business as the perfect complement to their needs and interests. At the end of the day, value-add website content is the key to a truly memorable customer experience.

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