Your Business Needs Video

Your Business Needs Video

Your business needs video, and Gaslight Picturehouse has numerous video solutions to help you with your digital presence. One of our favorite things to build is content libraries for our clients. When we shoot a Video Business Card (VBC) or a promo video for people, we always keep in mind different ways we can use whatever footage or sound bites might not make the final cut. 

For example, during an interview for a VBC, we’ll make mental or physical notes of what might be valuable sound bites that won’t make the final edit. Either they’re too long, or they might not be directly related to the VBC theme, but they offer a lot of value nonetheless. 

These bits we can repurpose later, such as for short ads or snippets for social media, giving you high-quality video for short posts. It’s important to ensure that anything that can provide value to potential audience members can find a place somewhere.

I’m Evan Williams from Gaslight Picturehouse, and a good referral for me is anyone looking to attack their digital presence in a variety of ways using video.

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