Have You Looked at the Tires on Your Car Recently?

Have You Looked at the Tires


Have you looked at the tires on your car recently? O.C.G.A. § 40-8-7 states that a vehicle must be in safe mechanical condition.

Balding tires and improperly inflated tires account for numerous collisions each year. While preparing my client for a deposition, I examined photographs that I took of her vehicle while it was at the tow yard. I noticed that her front tires had excessive wear. Next, I looked at the police report to see if the roads were wet on the day of her crash and also confirmed with my client that the roads were not wet. 

I let my client know that opposing counsel may ask about her balding tires but told her not to worry because the roads were dry. A tire with less tread will bring a vehicle to a stop faster in dry conditions. However, a tire with less tread will create a much longer stopping distance when the road is wet. 

Fortunately for my client, the roads were not wet on the day of her crash, so this was not an issue for her case. If you have questions about tire wear on your vehicle, or if you’ve been in an accident in wet weather and were at fault, we might need to talk. 

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