Leash Laws for Dogs in Georgia

Leash Laws for Dogs


Many Georgia Counties and Municipalities have leash laws for dogs. These regulations require dog owners to keep their dogs under their physical control whenever they are not on their property. In addition, dog owners must prevent their dogs from roaming freely and biting or injuring people.

Paul called my office upset that his neighbor’s usually friendly dog bit his child, and she had to have stitches. Paul did a little online research before contacting me, and he read that a dog must have bitten someone before or be known to be aggressive to win a lawsuit. 

I let Paul know that this is only one of two ways we can recover from his daughter’s injuries. Because his neighbor’s Golden Doodle never bit anyone before or even barked at anyone, I would show that the dog’s owner was negligent per se for violating his county’s leash law because the Golden Doodle was not on a leash at the time of the attack. Using the leash law to establish negligence, I successfully resolved his daughter’s case.

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